Window Tinting:

The Process

How are windows tinted?
Think of window film as a transparent wallpaper. The film is retrofitted to your existing windows the way wallpaper is applied to walls. The windows are thoroughly prepared by the expert installers from Horizon Glass Tinting.

When a quality film like Vista or Llumar is professionally installed, no one will know you have done anything to your windows.
The films will provide many years of service. It is a neat, clean process with little disruption and is usually completed in one day or less.

Why choose Horizon Glass Tinting for the job?
Since 1975 Horizon's expert installers have seen the product evolve from a liquid flow-on process the the hitech spectrally selective films we have today.
We have installed on every type of commercial and residential window there is, from brand new buildings to San Francisco Victorians with thousands of true light windows. There isn't anything we haven't seen or can't do. By using Horizon Glass Tinting a customer will receive the benefit of our experience as well as the best products available.

Contact us for a free, no obligation estimate to see how we can improve your home or office.

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