Window Tinting:

Why Tint?

Why do I need window film?
With the array of products available from Vista and LLumar, we can enhance almost any window in existence. We can control fading damage, heat gain, heat loss, and glare on sun drenched windows.

What about windows that don't get sun?
We can reduce heat loss, give privacy, make glass translucent or opaque, and the Llumar Magnum series will reinforce glass to prevent damage or injury from breaks due to storms, earthquakes, and accidents. It is a must in areas where children are active or equipment frequently moves. In fact, most schools and public buildings have safety film installed as an earthquake safety measure. Many homes built in the 60's and before usually do not have the type of safety glass required by building codes. The potential for injury is tremendous.

How long will it last?
All residential installations have a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer to the original purchaser. Commercial installaltions have Ten year warranty.

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